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Final Reflection

Overall, AP Bio was an amazing experience. From the start of the school year until now, I have grown so much as a student and individual. Mrs. Girard was so incredible supportive throughout the entire year and made sure we understood the material before moving onto a new unit. Even during the pandemic, she made class very enjoyable. I really feel as though this class helped solidify my decision of wanting to attend medical school to become a doctor. I will miss all of my amazing teammates and hope to come back to visit the new AP Bio team in the fall! I wish everyone the best of luck in college and I look forward to catching up one day:)

Below is a video I made for incoming AP bio students! I shared a few pieces of advice that will be helpful in this class:)

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License

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  1. I really enjoyed looking through and commenting on your blogs. You have some amazing work to highlight in your presentation tomorrow. I am proud of all of the hard work and dedication you have put into this class.

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  2. Kaitlin I am so proud of the work you have put into this website. It is truly amazing watching you learn about the things you love. Keep this website as a resource for college and beyond. I cannot wait to watch you grow into the young woman you are.

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  3. Kaitlin, I am so glad you were a member of Team AP Bio this year! Your curiosity and focus on learning inspired me every day. I loved hearing about what you would go home and research on your own and the connections you would make between the content and life. Your additional page provides insight into your interests. I know you will continue to work hard and persevere no matter what challenges lie ahead. I could not be prouder of what you have accomplished on this journey and I am looking forward to hearing about your adventures at Pitzer! Keep up the good effort 🙂


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